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Hiring Process

  • 1Complete Online Application
  • 2Complete Online Assessment
  • 3Phone Interview
  • 4Final Interview
  • 5Offer

Step 1: Complete Online Application

This is a simple online application where we gather basic information about you. If your skills match what we are looking for in an ideal candidate, you will be asked to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Complete Online Assessment

MMN uses online assessments to measure skills and accomplishments that generally do not emerge from interviews. These assessments are critical as they help determine if it is equally beneficial for you to continue through the hiring process.

Step 3: Phone Interview

We use the phone interview to get to know you. This is also your opportunity to find out about us. We believe two-way communication starts from day one.

Step 4: Final Interview

In the final interview this is when you will meet with the hiring manager face-to-face. You may be given a tour of the office and meet some of the great staff.

Step 5: Offer

Congratulations! You’ve proven you have a lot to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to MMN, where you will work and grow alongside highly talented people.


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