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We’re looking for people who are committed and passionate to strive for peak performance.

Morris is a progressive employer of people with diverse skills in locations around the country. Opportunities are numerous at this family-owned company, where our employees are proud to make their living and their careers.

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“Why do you love working for MMN?  Like Billy Morris once said here… We are a family … This is RARE in UK offices! I was needed for my experience the second time round I joined the company and allowed a job share which would allow my change career decision to study in Osteopathy. MVP has been highly supportive in this with myself and even when I was offered a better paid salary (not majorly) elsewhere with another company at the beginning. I decided to stay here!

What do you love about the products you work on? Knowing what’s going on in London at all time i.e cool bars and restaurant is always good! I like skipping through it.

What’s the best part of working with/for MMN?  I believe the relaxed but at the same time focussed environment stimulate the brain rather than kill it. A multicultural office always brings more ideas to the table and as well valid prospective. Also reviewing restaurants and bars from time to time is a welcome bonus!

Why did you join MMN? My position was a filling position, so I was lucky enough to pass the interview stages and got the job! Soon after I came back from a 4 month break to re-join the company in the same role (job-sharing) part time. I joined because I needed a job the first time around and because I loved the environment the second time.”

Stefano Pitzales Operations Assistant MVP London