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Quarter Horse News

Quarter Horse News is an award-winning semi-monthly newsmagazine that provides the most comprehensive and timely coverage of the Western performance horse industry. Focusing on cutting, reining and reined cow horse, Quarter Horse News has been a trusted source of news and information with real meaning to its readers for 35 years.

Founded in 1978, Quarter Horse News began as a weekly tabloid newspaper serving the Quarter Horse racing industry. In 1981, Morris Media Network purchased Quarter Horse News.
Quarter Horse News also publishes a special annual publication that is sent to all of its readers as a part of their paid subscription.

Published since 1998, the Quarter Horse News Stallion Register is the leading stallion resource guide for mare owners in the Western performance horse industry. Mare owners can easily access the pedigrees, performance records and sire records for hundreds of stallions all in one place. The Quarter Horse News Stallion Register is mailed to all readers in November of each year.

At a Glance

  • Launched: 1978
  • Annual frequency: 24X
  • Specials: Quarter Horse News Stallion Register
  • Circulation: 10,000
  • Average HHI: $222,000
  • Average monthly uniques: 41,000
  • Facebook likes: 244,000

Readers own an average of 13.7 horses and have invested an average of $600,000 in their equine operations.