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Alaska Magazine

Alaska Magazine is the world’s only general interest magazine about Alaska and only Alaska. From bears to sea otters to caribou and moose, from salmon to halibut to rainbow trout and whales, from bald eagles to puffins to ducks of every feather, from biking to hiking to camping and RV’ing, from birding to wildlife viewing to mountain climbing and unique festivals, Alaska covers it all with award-winning depth, color and action. From spectacular landscape photography to native Alaskan life; from stories about the most remote villages to the hottest political issues affecting our priceless wilderness; from skiing to mushing to flightseeing and glacier cruising, Alaska Magazine explores life on the Last Frontier as no other publication does or can. Alaska Magazine has been exciting Alaskans – and Alaska lovers – with tales of the Last Frontier for 65 years. This full-color, 10-times-per-year magazine brings both the beauty of the Great Land and its incredible story into your home (and the homes of 200,000 other Alaska aficionados nationwide) with each and every issue.

The magazine is written, photographed and edited exclusively by Alaskans, people who love and know the state and who are raising their families and making their lives in Alaska. From the issues that will shape the future of our priceless wilderness to the unparalleled beauty of our diverse and unique landscape, Alaska Magazine explores the Last Frontier from every angle imaginable.

At a Glance

  • Launched: 1935
  • Annual Frequency: 10X
  • Circulation: 110,000
  • Readership: 425,000 [[verify this]]
  • Average HHI: $101,000
  • Average Net Worth: $697,000
  • Facebook likes: 21,000
  • Digital editions: iPad, Zinio

88% of the readership is outside Alaska, of whom 79% have or will travel to Alaska within three years.