Parent Magazine Group brings home the awards!

2 GOLD, 4 SILVER, and 3 BRONZE ….. Congratulations to our Parent magazine teams!

Carolina Parent: Website General Excellence

GOLD: Carolina Parent; Odile Fredericks, web editor, Beth Shugg editor, Sharon Havranek, publisher, Susannah Carpenter, marketing and digital media manager

Excellent directory information and calendar of events. Loads quickly on mobile, and is easy to navigate on phones. Clean tiled design works on desktop and other screens. Strong local focus, strong writing and strong photography put this over the top.

Piedmont Parent: Ancillary Overall Writing

GOLD for Exceptional Child issue “Exceptional Child 2015”; Myra Wright, publisher/editor A nice mix of news, features and comprehensive listings of resources available to parents of children with special needs makes this a unique publication that’s fun and informative at the same time.

Piedmont Parent: AP5 Ancillary Overall Design

SILVER for GPS (Go. Play. See.)”; Myra Wright, publisher, Melissa Stutts, art director

Despite being full of information in lists and stories, the magazine is open and airy. The designers have used white space, even in the listings, to provide relief.

Carolina Parent: General Feature Writing

SILVER: Carolina Parent; “Taste Bud Transformations: Why Your Child Hates Broccoli”; Caitlin Wheeler, writer, Beth Shugg, editor, Cheri Vigna, art director, Sharon Havranek, publisher.

This fascinating, well-researched article goes a long way toward demystifying the picky-eater dilemma. Genetics, food texture, smell and culture are among the factors that influence taste. All of the research citations, tips and home tests in this winning piece are well-designed to help parents become better meal managers.

Carolina Parent: Front Cover: Use of Stock Photo

SILVER: Carolina Parent; “Understanding Taste Bud Transformations”; Cheri Vigna, art director, Sharon Havranek, publisher

Playful fun, action brings an otherwise still life image to life. A charming image to draw readers into the subject.

(This was for our April 2015 cover.)

Charlotte Parent: Ancillary General Excellence

SILVER for GPS (Go. See. Play)”; Eve White, publisher, Michele Huggins, editor, Melissa Stutts, art director, Mikala Young, editorial assistant

If a family were moving into Charlotte, this guide would be indispensible. A great model for others, this section talks about the virtues of various neighborhoods, as well as culture and public transportation options. Solid design.

Charlotte Parent: Website General Excellence

BRONZE Eve White, publisher, Susannah Carpenter, designer, Michele Huggins, editor, Mikala Young, editorial assistant

Fun interactive design makes it easy to narrow down stories and find what you’re looking for. Calendar and list of directories are very useful, and easy to use on mobile.

Carolina Parent: General Excellence

BRONZE: Carolina Parent; Beth Shugg, editor, Janice Lewine, associate editor, calendar/directories, Cheri Vigna, art director, Melissa Stutts, art director, Sharon Havranek, group publisher

Strong photography enhances this publication’s innovative takes on perennial stories, and the judges found the “Fit Family Challenge” especially engaging. The good local focus helps parents take full advantage of the resources and natural beauty available in North Carolina.

Piedmont Parent: Front Cover: Use of Stock Photo

BRONZE for September cover “Avoiding Work-Life Burnout”; Myra Wright, publisher, Melissa Stutts, art director

What working parent can’t identify with the cover photo? It effectively suggests the pull of work-life choices parents face daily.