Morris Media Network Wins Publishing and Photography Honors

Honolulu, Hawaii (May 22, 2015)—The Hawaii office of Morris Media Network (MMN) is proud to announce the receipt of accolades from the Hawaii Publishers Association and the American Advertising Federation (Hawaii Chapter) for publishing and photography.

Morris Media Network received top honors in two categories at the 2015 Pa‘i Awards, presented by the Hawaii Publishers Association. The 30th annual Pa‘i Awards recognized excellence in all aspects of publishing, including journalism, design, illustration and photography.

The Pa‘i awards earned by Morris Media Network in 2015 included:

The Kahala, Vol. 9, No. 1—First Place, Visitor Publication Excellence under 500,000 circulation per year. This magazine is published exclusively for The Kahala Hotel & Resort. Judges’ comments: “The Kahala really nailed some unique stories. I appreciate theme of interconnectedness and it flows throughout the issue.”

Wailea magazine for “Earth and Water, Mountain and Motion”—First Place, Arts & Entertainment. Morris Media Network publishes the magazine exclusively for the Wailea Resort Association. Judges’ comments: “An interesting story concept, executed through carefully chosen words that create vivid images. The writer appreciates the subjects at a deep level and translates to a mass audience what makes the artists special and their work a reflection of place.”

In addition, Morris Media Network received two Pele Awards in the Color Photography category at the 2015 American Advertising Awards, presented by the American Advertising Federation, Hawaii chapter. These awards recognize the best advertising and design work created in Hawaii.

The 2015 Pele Awards presented to Morris Media Network included:

Wailea magazine for “Earth and Water, Mountain and Motion”—Silver Medal, Elements of Advertising, Color Photography. In this series of images, Rachel Olsson eloquently captured the action of a woodturning artist in his studio.

“To Thai For,” published in The Outrigger Journey—Bronze Medal, Elements of Advertising, Color Photography. The Pele awards recognized Carin Krasner for a shoot of tantalizing food photographs published in the exclusive in-room guestbook for Outrigger Resorts.

About Morris Media Network:

Morris Media Network, part of Morris Communications Company, is home to world’s premier media brands. We’re driven to produce original, expert-driven content on topics about which we’re passionate: travel, outdoors, women’s lifestyle, local interest, western and equine. You’ll find that award-winning content delivered across the globe in a powerful suite of print and digital brands. Our history and heritage in publishing dates back to 1785, but our approach today is as fresh as ever as we deliver stand-out magazines, mobile apps, specialty websites, popular non-fiction books, trusted guidebooks and always-in-their-pocket travel maps.

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