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  1. skirt! Founded

    When Nikki Hardin started skirt! in 1994, there wasn’t anything around quite like it, especially not for women. Her mission was to have a publication that spoke to all sides of a woman’s personality, what she describes as part feminista, part fashionista . If skirt! had an ideal reader, her name would be “Martha Steinem” because most of skirt!’s readers are kickass liberals who also like to shop and cook and don’t think wearing lipstick means you don’t have a brain.  Morris Media Network acquired skirt! in 2004, Nikki Hardin leads the brand out of Charleston overseeing its expansion to 5 print markets and 32 digital markets.

  2. Photo by Luke Skywalker

    Augusta Chronicle Founded

    The Augusta Chronicle was started as a weekly newspaper called the Augusta Gazette, taking the name Augusta Chronicle and Gazette of the State four years later. It is the third oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States, after the New Hampshire Gazette (1756) and the Hartford Courant (1764).


    The Augusta Chronicle was the first media property owned by the Morris family, purchased in 1945, and remains the heart and soul of the Morris Communications Company.

  3. 1929
    William S. Morris Jr. Joins Augusta Chronicle

    26-year old William S. Morris Jr, father of the current chairman of Morris Communications, hired as a bookkeeper for the Augusta Chronicle.

    He would go on to be named publisher in 1937, purchase the newspaper in 1945 and remain involved as owner and manager until his passing in 1967.

  4. 1935
    Alaska Magazine Founded as Alaska Sportsman

    Alaska Sportsman was first published in Anchorage as a monthly magazine for big-game hunters and fishermen in Alaska. After World War II with increased access to Alaska, more travelers started arriving with broader interests. In 1969 the magazine changes its name to Alaska Magazine to reflect its coverage of all the activities that make a visit to Alaska a life changing experience, from fishing to mountain climbing to cruising.


    Becomes a member of the Morris Media Network in 1995, part of a growing family of magazines, books, newspapers and radio in the frontier state.


  5. 1936
    WHERE Magazine Founded

    History tbd

  6. 1936
    Western Horseman Founded as The Western Horseman

    Western Horseman began in 1936, which makes it one of the oldest horse magazines in existence. When the first issue was printed in January of 1936 near Lafayette, California, horses were being displaced by automobiles and tractors. Founding Editor and Publisher Paul Albert recognized this trend and started the magazine as a “voice for the horse.” His inspiration is largely responsible for helping redefine the role of horses in America, transforming them from work to recreational animals that are enjoyed by millions today.

    Western Horseman became a part of the Morris Media Network in September of 2001.

  7. 1937
    Guest Informant Founded

    Text tbd

  8. 1949
    The Milepost First Published

    William A. “Bill” Wallace first published The Milepost in 1949 as a 72-page book filled with facts and practical information about traveling the rugged and remote Alaska Highway, the famous road built in 1942 in response to the Japanese occupation of Attu and Kiska islands in Alaska. Wallace named the guidebook after the mileage location posts “that filled such a vital need along the wilderness road.” As Alaska tourism grew, so did The Milepost. In 1962, Wallace sold the book to the owner of the publication that was to become Alaska magazine. By 1975, the burgeoning resource book featured 498 pages.


    Morris Media Network bought The Milepost with Alaska Magazine in 1995. It remains the quintessential reference guide for Alaska and northwestern Canada.

  9. 1956
    William S. Morris III Joins Southeastern Newspapers

    William S. “Billy” Morris III, who delivered newspapers from horseback in his hometown as a boy, Southeastern Newspapers in 1956, a few days before his 22nd birthday, as assistant to the president. Southeastern Newspapers was a holding company formed by his father to manage the growing media empire now consisting of [xx newspapers], and is the precursor of today’s Morris Media Network.

    He became publisher of the Augusta Chronicle and [Augusta —] and president of the corporation 10 years later. In 1983 he became chairman, the role he serves today.

  10. 1956
    Radio Augusta Purchased

    Radio Augusta WRDW was purchased by Southern Newspapers in 1956 and marks the beginning of over half a century of radio ownership by the Morris family. Currently the company owns [xx] stations in North America and Europe.

    Due to regulatory and management requirements the radio stations are not a part of Morris Media Network but indicate the family’s deep and enduring commitment to providing great content on all platforms to communities and enthusiasts around the world.

  11. 1969
    Juneau Empire Acquired

    Southeastern Newspapers purchased the Alaska Empire newspaper in Juneau in 1969 marking the beginning of a relationship between the Morris family and Alaska that would eventually grow to include [3] newspapers, [7] radio stations, 4 magazines and more than a dozen books per year. While regulatory and managerial requirements have the radio and newspaper entities managed independently, Morris Media Network through its books and magazines is the authority on information for people passionate about Alaska.

    The Alaska Empire became the Juneau Empire in the 1970s.

  12. 1975
    Gray’s Sporting Journal Founded

    Ed and Rebecca Gray started Gray’s Sporting Journal on their kitchen table in the Fall of 1975. They wanted to publish a hunting and fishing magazine that a “thinking” audience would want to read. The young couple dared to create an intelligent, thoughtful national magazine that aspired to achieve a much higher standard than the mass-market sporting titles of that time. Morris Media Network acquired Gray’s in 1989 and continues to live up Ed and Rebecca’s standards for this unique publication, which The Washington Post once called “this little gem.” Gray’s is the original journal of fine sporting literature, art and photography.

  13. 1978
    Fly Tyer Magazine Founded

    The inaugural issue of Fly Tyer launched in the Spring of 1978 with Dick Surrette as the editor. Over the ensuing years it assumed various name changes, eventually becoming the stand-alone title American Angler in January, 1991. In the summer of 1995, with the position of American Angler well established, Abenaki re-launched Fly Tyer as a quarterly in its original fly-tying-only format. Readers immediately recognized that Fly Tyer offered more accurate, easy-to-follow, step-by-step tying instructions than any other publication in the marketplace, establishing it as the universal go-to source for authoritative fly-tying information.

  14. 1978
    Quarter Horse News Founded

    Quarter Horse News was formed by a small group of investors and began publishing on Dec. 5, 1978, as a weekly newspaper devoted to coverage of the Quarter Horse industry with an emphasis on Quarter Horse racing. On Nov. 23, 1981, the newspaper’s owners entered into a sales agreement with Morris Media Network. “This newspaper had a real opportunity to serve the informational needs of the Quarter Horse industry,” said William S. Morris III, who is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Morris Media Network. “We saw an opportunity in an area that was underserved with prompt, timely information, and we felt it was an opportunity to build a publication around these growing segments of the business.” Quarter Horse News is now published semimonthly and still occupies a special niche by providing the most accurate, complete and up-to-date coverage of the performance horse industry.

  15. 1985
    EquiStat Founded


  16. 1985
    The Morris Museum of Art Established

    William S. Morris III established the Morris Museum of Art in memory of his parents William Shivers Morris, Jr,. and Florence Hill Morris. The museum, located on the banks of the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia exists for the purpose of collecting the art of the American South and interpreting same in regional, national, and global contexts.


    The establishing and maintaining of the museum, which is not managed as a part of the Morris Media Network, further illustrates the family’s passion for sharing world-class content with their community: in the case of the Morris Media Network the media are magazines, books, websites, blogs, and more for travelers, equine enthusiasts, outdoors enthusiasts and more; in the case of the Morris Museum of Art the media are oil, watercolor, sculpture and more for museum visitors. In both cases the objective is to inform, educate and entertain in subjects about which the Morris family is passionate.

  17. 1985
    Cadogan Guides Founded

    Cadogan Guides was founded in 1985…history t/k

  18. 1988
    Equine Journal Founded

    When Natalee Roberts founded the Northeast Equine Journal in 1988, New England was served by a fragmented marked of equine magazines and newspapers. By the time Morris Media Network acquired the Equine Journal in 2012, New England was dominated by Robert’s Equine Journal and Morris Media Network’s Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar, and both publications had expanded to New York, Pennsylvania and beyond. The merger of the two titles simplified the market for advertisers, readers and equine associations in the north east and is now by far the largest all-breed, all-discipline, all-association magazine in the United States.

  19. 1989
    J. Tyler Morris Joins Morris Communications

    J. Tyler Morris joined Morris Communications in 1989 as [———–]. He since worked at the Lubbock (Texas) Avalanche-JournalThe St. Augustine (Fla.) Record and Grays Sporting Journal. He also served as Vice President of the Cowboy Publishing Group of equine magazine titles.

    Tyler is currently chairman, president and chief executive officer of Texas Aerospace Services in Abilene, Texas.

  20. 1990
    William S. Morris IV joins The St. Augustine (Fla.) Record

    William S. “Will” Morris IV joined the company as general manager of The St. Augustine (Fla.) Record, going on to become general manager of Athens Magazine and publisher of the Athens Daily News and Athens Banner-Herald in Athens, Ga. In 1995, he returned to corporate headquarters as assistant to the president. He became president of Morris Communications Co. in December 1996 and was the third generation of the Morris family to hold this position. In 2013, Will lead the family in a new direction by creating and becoming CEO of Morris Venture Capital, a direct investment vehicle designed to explore new areas for locating and assisting businesses with potential for growth and expansion.

  21. 1992
    Susie Morris Baker Joins [MMN]

    Susie Morris Baker joined the family business as [role]. Since joining she has also served as publisher of the Quarter Horse News in Fort Worth, Texas,  publisher of The Peninsula Clarion and as vice president of the Alaska newspapers for Morris Publishing with responsibility for The Juneau Empire, The Peninsula Clarion in Kenai, and The Alaska Journal of Commerce and Alaskan Equipment Trader in Anchorage.


    Susie is currently a vice president and a director of Morris Communications Company.

  22. 1992
    American Angler Founded

    American Angler was born in the winter of 1988 as a quarterly magazine called American Angler & Fly Tyer. It struggled through several editors, owners, formats, and name changes until 1992, when the title was purchased by Abenaki Publishers and moved to Bennington, Vermont. By that time, the magazine had assumed its current name of American Angler. Morris Media Network purchased Abenaki Publishers in 2002, and for more than two decades American Angler has been the number-one source of practical fly-fishing instruction. “The Fly Fishing Authority,” as its tagline reads, is widely viewed as the best-written, best-looking publication in its category.

  23. 1992
    National Barrel Horse Association Founded

    Continuing their long passion for horses, and following the advice of their own publications, in 1992 the Morris family founded the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA).

    Today the NBHA is the largest barrel racing organization in the world with 23,000 members across the United States and affiliates in twelve countries.  The NBHA revolutionized the barrel racing industry by pioneering the divisional format, which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win money and prizes in barrel racing competition. NBHA official home office events to date have paid out $12,157,330.

    Although the NBHA is not managed as a part of the Morris Media Network, its founding illustrates the Morris family’s dedication to horses, equestrian events and the editors of their magazines, one of whom wrote that “It would pay us to well consider this thought. Some (people) stand calmly by, never lifting a hand to save our gallant friend and greatest attraction.”

  24. 1995
    Destination Alaska Founded

    Destination Alaska, an annual travel guide to Alaska’s Inside Passage, began publication in 1995 and has since become the top source of information for the region’s 700,000 cruise ship passengers. Distributed primarily hand-to-hand at embarkation ports, the digest-sized book and its Best Buys coupon insert give visitors a preview of their ports of call, plus attractive discount offers.

    Morris Media Network acquired Destination Alaska in 2000 and moved its publishing to Alaska for the first time in its history in 2013. Local knowledge and national resources will ensure that Destination Alaska will maintain its position as the premier visitor resource in the flourishing travel market of Southeast Alaska.

  25. 1996
    Barrel Horse News Founded

    Morris Media Network started Barrel Horse News as a monthly magazine to provide the most comprehensive and timely coverage of the barrel racing industry. Now in its 18th year, Barrel Horse News continues to deliver in-depth event coverage, the latest in horse health care innovations, and the most sought-after training and horsemanship articles to connect readers with the most reputable resources in the barrel racing industry.

    Barrel Horse News is also the official publication of the National Barrel Horse Association, the largest barrel racing association in the country. Every NBHA member household receives a subscription to Barrel Horse News.

  26. 1997 Founded officially went live online in 1997 and since then has reflected the deep commitment and dedication to a way of life that involves horses. reaches a global audience through its website and social media and offers more in-depth horse news and information than any other equine website. has been awarded acclaim by Forbes and the American Horse Publications.

    Morris Media Network purchased a controlling interest in HorseCity in 2000, and the publication has become an excellent addition to Morris Media Network’s impressive equestrian lineup.

  27. 1997
    Best Read Guides Franchise Company Acquired

    Best Read Guides were started in 1988 by Walter and Pat Brooks of to provide a high-quality free publication for visitors to Cape Cod which would allow them “to see the Cape like a native.” When the Morris Media Network purchased the franchise company in 1997, the network was already strong in equine, outdoor, Alaska and other areas reflecting the passions of the Morris family. The missing component was travel. This acquisition marked the beginning of Morris Media Network becoming the largest single publisher of visitor information in the United States and the world, a position it proudly holds today. Across all of the network’s titles and in every region, our editors strive to stay true to Pat Brooks’ vision of allowing to visitor to experience the destination like a local.

  28. 1998
    Cadogan Guides Purchased

    Cadogan Guides broke the mold for independent travelers when it was founded in 1985 by anticipating the decline in package tourism. Cadogan Guides were written for literate travelers on all budgets who wanted their imaginations provoked, stimulated, and wanted to be entertained by their travels.

    Morris Media Network purchased Cadogan Guides in 1998 marking the network’s first expansion outside of the United States. In only 15 years, what started as one purchase based on the family’s passion for travel would grow to include books, magazines, websites and other travel content on four continents and over [xx] countries. The Morris Media Network now regularly publishes travel content in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, German and Arabic.

  29. 2001
    IN Magazine Founded as IN New York


  30. Nick Dowers at Road to the Horse

    Road to the Horse Joined MMN

    A merger of two of the most innovative entities in the Western equine industry took place in 2018 as Western Horseman and Tootie Bland’s Road to the Horse joined forces to create a powerhouse advocacy for natural horsemanship training and practices.

    After the 2019 event, Morris Communications Company, LLC officially took the reins of the World Championship of Colt Starting.

  31. west coast barrel racing

    West Coast Barrel Racing Association (WCBRA) is Acquired

    Based in Paso Robles, CA, WCBRA is the largest barrel racing association on the West Coast with more than 600 prime-sanctioned races and a massive payout Finals each year.

    “The opportunity to serve the many people who participate in barrel racing has been a joy for the Morris family for 22 years,” said William S. Morris III, founder of the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA).

    “Therefore, it makes it very special to have the opportunity to acquire the West Coast Barrel Racing Association. It will be a great marriage that stretches from coast to coast.”

    “We are honored to have Bailey Nahrgang join the Morris Equine Group as Director of Barrel Racing.”

    “As we all know, she is competent and enthusiastic about barrel racing. We look forward to joining her and the many members of the West Coast Barrel Racing Association to manage and develop this great sport,” said Morris.

    “With NBHA and WCBRA, we now serve two strong sets of memberships coast to coast,” said Bailey Nahrgang, WCBRA’s owner. “By simultaneously managing the two associations and their finals to complement each other, we can continue to be innovative, host world-class productions, and provide opportunities to compete for life-changing payouts.”

    In her new role as Director of Barrel Racing, Nahrgang will continue to oversee the operations of the WCBRA, as well as play a vital role in the National Barrel Horse Association.

  32. western horseman january 2022 cover

    Western Horseman Launches Redesign

    After months of analyzing, strategizing and pouring over 85 years of archives, along with some dirt, sweat and even a few tears—we’re unveiling the new Western Horseman to our Western Horseman family. Along for the ride and wrangling us along the way was TJ Tucker. The award-winning creative director, whose roots run deep in ranching and the horse industry, helped us revise and craft the new look, page by page.

    Starting with the cover, you’ll notice our iconic Western Horseman masthead, tipping our hat to the past with that “tall in the saddle” font used back in the 1940s. Surrounded by a field of warm yellow, it should be familiar to those of us alive in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, and its uncluttered appearance allows your eyes to sink deeply into the image being portrayed. We’ve heard you want more, so you’ll find more editorial pages, about 30 percent more—along with heavier paper stock (when supply chains catch up). We call it thud factor. We’ve lasered in on making the text more legible, opening up more white space and turning up the heat on our photography, allowing readers to be surprised and delighted with every turn of the page.

    We’re hoping our fresh look, clean lines, easy-to-read feature stories, and breathtaking photography all carry an aesthetically pleasing issue to enjoy and help remind you exactly why you’ve treasured your Western Horseman magazines all these years.

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