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A smart and sophisticated lifestyle monthly that also serves its readers – New York visitors – as a complete guide to making the most of their trip, IN New York has become, for many, the key to the city. It is an immediate and accessible resource for tens of thousands of travelers who arrive every day with more questions than answers about where to go (and how to get there), what to see, and which shops, galleries and boutiques are not to be missed. They arrive hoping to uncover tomorrow’s trends today, and IN New York is bound and positioned to be the first place they look. Each dynamic issue of IN New York is packed with sharp reporting and stylish features showcasing the kaleidoscopic wonders of the city, culminating in a three-page, three-month calendar of current and upcoming events. The back half of the magazine is devoted to IN New York exclusive “Personal Concierge” – 50 pages of descriptive listings of things to see and do, written and presented specifically for the out-of-towner. The Personal Concierge goes well beyond other local entertainment guides to include useful sections on shops and services, and an informative guide to New York’s unique neighborhoods, describing the delights of each of the city’s distinct enclaves. Every issue also includes a three-panel, color-coded gatefold map of the city, official subway and bus maps, important telephone numbers for travelers, and other practical items such as time and temperature conversion charts. In short, IN New York is a facilitator for visitors, who have learned to trust it, and for advertisers, who are so important to the realization of a full and rewarding New York experience. It is the job of IN New York to get the two together, and IN New York does it very well.